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Back in Dav’ and I findnothing has changed:  still has the same warmth,simplicity and mindset!

  • DAVIDSON elected THE BEST WORKPLACE 2016 in France and in Europe, for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW !

    We are delighted to announce you that Davidson has once again BEEN ELECTED THE BEST WORKPLACE in France and in Europe (companies with 500+ employees).

    Special thanks to you ALL! Davidson would not have been awarded this price without you!

  • Davidson is THE BEST WORK PLACE 2014!

    in the National & European GPTW rankings (companies 500+ employees). It is the first time in 12 years that a French company reaches the highest rank in the Great Place To Work® Best Companies to Work For lists.

    Creation of Davidson Dubaï (Dubaï).
    Creation of Davidson España (Madrid).

  • DAVIDSON is Top French

    company national GPTW rankings, and 4th in the list of companies of over 500 employees.
    DAVIDSON came 25th in the European GPTW rankings, 1st French Company (companies having over 500 employees).
    Creation of DAVIDSON Suisse (Geneva), DAVIDSON Belgium (Brussels), DAVIDSON Est (Strasburg), DAVIDSON SI Est (Strasburg) and DAVIDSON Grenoble.

  • DAVIDSON came 13th

     in the rankings of a Great Place to Work (in the category of companies of less than 500 employees).

  • Davidson is ranked in the TOP 25

    des promising businesses, of the Ernst&Young Enterprise challenge.

  • Davidson PACA was set up.

  • Twice in a row! There must be something going on in this company?

    Davidson is elected the BEST WORK PLACE 2015 again !

    in the national GPTW rankings (companies 500+ employees) and in the European GPTW rankings (companies 500+ employees).

  • Davidson is still the first French company

    in the national GPTW rankings and 4th in the list of companies having over 500 employees.

  • DAVIDSON is ranked in 5th

    GPTW (+500 employees).

  • Opening of DAVIDSON NORD


  • Set up of Davidson SI

    which brings together all of our Expertise / Project Contracting and Delivery in Information Systems, followed by the creation of Davidson Rhône-Alpes (Lyon).

  • September 2005: Davidson consulting was established,

    having two main business activities: Telecoms Multimedia and manufacturing. The first Offices in Frances were opened.