The Davidson Campus

With the increase of the high property prices, it is getting harder and harder for our employees, especially for the young ones to find a decent-sized apartment without having to take any public transportation during 2 hours to reach their workplace. This has led us to the creation of the Davidson Campus which has the same goal, but with a dimension of friendliness added to it.

The campus was inaugurated on December 2nd, 2014 with the presence of many journalists as well as all the future roommates.
The Davidson Campus allows some of our employees to rent one of the 7 apartments of the place. Located in Clamart (12kms away south of Paris), the Campus has separated studios that directly access the common spaces: a large fitted kitchen where employees can cook, a dining area where they can have dinner together, a living room where you can either read a book or enjoy your favorite TV show, and finally a beautiful exotic wooden terrace with trees, and equipped with garden furniture and a nice barbecue grill. Beneficiaries can stay there for up to a year, while waiting to have the financial base to find a place on their own.

Le Campus Dav

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